Hot Water

Hot Water

HOT WATER are a fresh and exciting band uniting 5 different and diverse cultures that gives them an invaluable role to play in the New South Africa. Based in Cape Town , the band is a densely African fusion of powerful, uplifting sounds and vocals.

To date Hot Water have released two albums, Home (2005) and One (2008). Their sound ranges from upbeat South African jives, Hopping Blues, Modern Folk ballads and inspiring cross-cultural gems. Their first single Bushfire is currently being screened throughout Europe and the US in Italian company, Primigi's 07/08 commercial campaigns

The elements which make up Hot Water:

Donovan Copley - Spearhead of the band on guitar, lead vocals, hang and harmonica.

Soubry Makapula - Xhosa singing, with deep African spirit percussion and dynamic dance.

Leon Visser - Afrikaans mother tongue, warm vocals, and percussion, Chris Bakalanga - from The DRC - bass guitar and assists with backing vocals.

Devin Jones - UCT music graduate and drummer, endorsed by Spaun Drums.