JAE is what's known in music industry parlance as a breakout artist. Her stunning debut solo single" Missing you " had, in just two weeks, been play-listed on over 60 radio stations countrywide , achieving numerous number one placings over a diverse range of radio categories.

"Missing You" became one of the biggest musical events of 2002/3. In Jae's hometown of KZN, the region's premier radio station East Coast Radio, placed" Missing You" at a phenomenal no 4 on their Top 100 Songs for 2002. This was the only South African song in the Top 20.

Jae's package of a gifted vocal talent, world class songwriting ability, stunning, sensuous good looks, explosive stage presence, as well as a level headed, proactive and realistic attitude to her life and career is guaranteed to bring her abounding and sustained international acclaim.

Jae brings an astonishing rage of experience to her burgeoning yet trailblazing career. The sensuous Durbanite has been singing since she was but a mere slip of a girl. Since watching a musical play at her primary school at the age of 6 years old Jae, says she knew at that moment, all she ever wanted to do was Sing. She has since then blossomed into a respected songwriter. (All Jae's songs are written by herself).

To all intents and purposes, Jae remains a contemporary popular music idol that shatters traditional market barriers and has retained a large following that triumphantly crosses social, cultural and economic barriers.

The premise that Jae is the perfect role model for young South Africans stands supremely valid when faced with the personal history and impeccable black economic empowerment credentials that Jae brings to the fore, namely:

Jae is that exciting and rare combination of a strong, established yet still developing artiste.

In the space of her explosive career, Jae has garnered a history of committed and focused social development activism.