Justene Josias

Justene Josias

Justene Josias is fast becoming the new voice on in South African music circles.

Only seventeen years old the singer already has audiences eating from the palm of her hand, even while she has to balance between her studies and her capacity filled shows.

This young star is fresh from her TV stint on SABC's SuperSterre with Patricia Lewis, where she achieved fame by singing with a host of well known celebrities including names like Karen Zoid and Brandon October to name a few.

Justene's experience goes back many years where she gained a number of accolades to support her charming looks and talent.

Besides the many upcoming projects, Justene is just about to release some of her favorite songs with a top record label and, she already has a busy schedule for 2008, with shows planned throughout Cape Town , and South Africa .

This talented singer, and live performer, is suitable for all functions and occasions being vocally trained in both Afrikaans and English languages. Her voice is quite at home with all music genres including RnB, Pop, Cabaret, Jazz and Gospel. Her stage presence is dynamic and her interaction with an audience is what will ensure that fans keep coming back for more.