Lee Downs

Lee Downs

Lee grew up in Durban with no doubt in his mind that he was headed for a career in radio. Aged just 17, he won a talent search competition and in short order found himself working on Capital Radio.

From there he's enjoyed increasing success, especially after moving to Cape Town. Following a decade on air in various positions, Lee has been the host of the Hearty Breakfast since 2007.

Despite being so firmly in the spotlight, Lee really enjoys chilling out at home: "Family is very important to me and I really look forward to those moments that I get to spend with them. Radio can sometimes be very demanding, but I take every opportunity to be thankful for where I am today."

Lee is also quite a whiz in the kitchen, and loves cooking and entertaining for friends bragging that his roots have taught him how to make a mean curry!

He certainly knows how to serve up a really hot offering as host of the Hearty Breakfast Show, and says "I really get the sense now more than ever that I am talking to Cape Town."