Since the release of her solo album in November 2006, Lira has enjoyed a lightning strike career that has placed her among the country's elite performers in the space of only a year.

Indeed, so effortlessly has the 27-year-old been able to enthrall music fans around the country that her album, FEEL GOOD , has achieved gold status (sales in excess of 20 000 units) and the title song off it remains one of the most-played songs at South African and Italian broadcast stations.

Anyone who has worked with or seen Lira over the past year will testify to the many reasons why she's been able to cast a musical spell that has earned both popular and critical acclaim.

The fact is that Lira is - as industry pundits like to say - "the real deal": Not only is she singularly stylish (it's not for nothing that she was named Style Magazine's 'Most Stylish Performer' in 2007) and quite beautiful, but Lira is blessed with standout performing, singing and songwriting abilities and pursues every aspect of her career with professionalism and commitment.

With an album of this strength as her primary calling card, Lira has taken in a stunning scope of performances, and opportunities in the last few months.

Among these have been live performances with a brace of South African and international artists: