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April 2009

Time is Flyin! Yes people, we're already at the 2nd Quarter of the year! So if you've read through our site and checked out what we do, please feel free to mail us with any quotation, advice, queries or comments - events@parkan.co.za

Par Kan Entertainment is the new name in Production, Entertainment, Leisure, Sport, Special Occasions, Promotions, Tourism and just about anything in between (the Events and Hospitality industry), that is... Par Kan Entertainment! A new name, but old hands at the game!

Ok, so quite a few awesome events have come and gone and somehow, Par Kan is always connected to these events in some way or other. Our artists have celebrated with the handing over of homes in Cape Town, some have performed at the CTIJF, some at the CT Jazzathon and we still have the music of our top guns playing on almost every radio station in the country ... yes we do! To any artist wishing to be part of our family, simply mail us at events@parkan.co.za and let us know. Though it's been a quiet month for some, we've been fairly busy - even had time to go offroad' checkout the new pics in the gallery.

Don't forget to checkout our latest artist and album reviews this issue we're always on the button. This month, we're off to the My CokeFest and next month to the SAMA (South African Music Awards) ... if you ain't there, don't worry, we'll have some news at www.parkan.co.za when we get back.

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