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Our affiliation to all major and independent record labels gives us access to artists and albums which can be obtained through Par Kan’s Talent Agency or from a music store near you. Par Kan acts as a non-exclusive Agency for any live performances when necessary. Talented individuals, groups or artists who require info on music Distribution and Promotion can contact Par Kan. Send your CD's in to us for review and we might even point you in the right direction.


340ml – Sorry for the Delay (Sheer)

Ok, what can we say? ...Other than, yes, this is definitely one for your collection. The album info may not say much but the music certainly does.



Jazz meets House meets Funk. Former Jazz fundis prove that music can be taken to any level… from any level! Goldfish is currently one of the more popular live bands to perform in South Africa but they are no strangers to music festivals all over the world.

Jody Williams

JODY – Just Gonna be Me (SonyBMG)

Idols has produced some a few great singers; Jody is certainly that and more. Her Album will keep you dancing and singing at any party.


LOYISO (Independent)

This album is packed with cool RnB, catchy vocals and awesome studio production. Loyiso is a SAMA winner.

Prime Circle


Rock is back in a big way. Prime Circle sort of defines SA rock. Produced by Theo Crous, you just know the album's gonna rock.